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New typhoid vaccine for young children
USA Today, April 2001

Malaria. Stopping a Global Killer
National Geographic, July 2007

New Roads in the Amazon May Deliver Disease
National Public Radio, February 2008

New Global Project on Nutrition, Infection, and Child Development
The Globe, Summer 2009

VI Curso de Enfermería en patología tropical
Madrid, Spain. October 2012  www.isciii.es

61th Annual Meeting ASTMH
Washington, DC, USA. December 2012  www.astmh.org

V Curso Internacional  de Enfermedades Infecciosas y Tropicales
Iquitos, Peru. December 2012  www.cmploreto.com

18th Summer Institute in Tropical Medicine and Public Health
Baltimore, USA. June to August 2012  www.jhsph.edu/tropic

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